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Fireside chat between USA and Lithuanian VCs, investing in defense & dual-use, received a major interest

Updated: Feb 12

John Ohman, Jeremy Hitchcock & Viktorija Trimbel. Vilnius, January 16, 2024, Cyber City

On January 16, 2024 Coinvest Capital hosted a networking event for the Lithuanian defense and dual-use innovation & VC investment community with a fireside chat, broadcasted online, that received a major interest from viewers in many countries.

Jeremy Hitchcock, co-founder and partner at the New North Ventures, discussed defense VC investment trends, tips & trick in USA, Europe and Lithuania with Viktorija Trimbel, Managing Director of Coinvest Capital, an independently managed VC arm of the sovereign development agency INVEGA.

Viktorija started the conversation by introducing VC capital, available for defense and dual-use startups in Lithuania, which is currently estimated at around 70 million USD, not including yet some of the new funding instruments planned in the near future, like defense loans, NATO Innovation Fund and alike. Jeremy continued by introducing his personal story and a road to defense & dual-use investing, followed with a discussion on tips & tricks, that Lithuanian startups and VCs could learn from USA counterparts as well as an Q&A session with the audience.

Please find below slides from both presenters and video recording of the discussion itself.

Event photos by Rytis Šeškaitis.

Full video of the conversation is presented below:

PS: we are working on getting a better video quality, meanwhile alternative video from the live broadcast is available on the personal FB account of Viktorija here:

Slides by Viktorija Trimbel

2024-01-16 Defense VC trends in USA, Europe & Lithuania - Viktorija Trimbel Coinvest Capit
Download • 5.78MB

Slides by Jeremie Hitchcock

2024-01-16 Coinvest LT Jeremy Hitchcock
Download PDF • 822KB

Event photos by Rytis Šeškaitis.

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