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About Us

Coinvest Capital was founded in 2018, aiming to strengthen the Lithuanian business angel ecosystem by providing a generous profit-sharing scheme for accredited private investors, and to improve access to risk capital for the early-stage startup companies.

Coinvest Capital is a unique sovereign VC fund, fully capitalized with the public funds of the Lithuanian state and EU. It is 100% owned by the national development agency INVEGA, which, in turn, is owned by the Ministry of Finance, acting as a shareholder on behalf of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Fund's executive management team has been fully renewed in 2022 and continues managing the existing portfolio and making new investments according to renewed investment strategy and focus. 

We apply the best venture capital industry practices when making investment decisions and cooperate with our accredited lead private co-investors, who in the majority of the cases are granted our voting rights and contribute to the portfolio monitoring process by representing investors on the board.

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We are committed to strengthening the Lithuanian startup ecosystem, sharing our expertise and insight at numerous industry events and conferences in Lithuania and abroad, mentoring startups of various accelerators, and joining juries during hackathons and pitch competitions.

Our Managing Director Viktorija Trimbel serves on the board of the Lithuanian Business Angels Association and we are humbled and proud to have been awarded the Best VC Partner of LitBAN during its first 5 years of operations.

Fund's governance structure

Coinvest Capital is a brand name of the Fund, which ownership and governance structure is presented below

Activity reports
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