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A great idea can change the world. We start with Lithuania.

The goal of the Fund is to contribute to the financing of new promising lithuanian companies by expanding the community of private investors - business angels.

Portfolio Companies

Impact Investing


Walk15 is a sustainable activity platform, offering steps challenge solution for companies. The solution helps organizations solve the problems of low employee involvement in physical activity and lack of education about sustainability. The company's goal is to make the world a healthier and more sustainable place.

SaaS / IT / AI / Big Data


ColibrisODM is a fast-growing manufacturing platform for automatic quoting and ordering of custom-made and serial metal parts in the required quantities. Led by a truly dedicated team of experts with 30+ years combined experience in the metal processing industry, they provide their customers with a one-stop-shop for on-demand manufacturing services.

SaaS / IT / AI / Big Data


MELP provides a more convenient and personalised way to manage employee benefits, recognition programmes, internal communication, and other components of employee well-being. From visionary developers to empathetic customer support champions, the brains behind MELP are fueled by passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to revolutionizing the HR-tech landscape.



Built by racers and mechanics, LABA7 equipment is made with a focus on simplicity in servicing and tuning users' suspension. The company's products are built using premium components and are designed to last.

SaaS / IT / AI / Big Data


Axiology prioritizes saving costs for institutions. By seamlessly integrating platform and framework functionalities, the Company enhances accessibility and achieves substantial reductions in operational expenses and time commitments. Utilizing the Axiology platform empowers its users to optimize resources and trim costs in their day-to-day financial operations.

SaaS / IT / AI / Big Data


Perfection42 creates a platform enabling businesses to combine world-class AI models into seamless, automated workflows. A Lego-like building approach is simple enough for non-coders to use but open enough to achieve pro-level consistency. This solution enhances workflow efficiency, improves output quality, boosts productivity, and cuts production costs.

Life Sciences / MedTech


Vilimed specializes in the development, certification and commercialization of innovative medical devices. The company is currently working on a medical therapeutic device VILIM ball, which reduces hand tremor for patients with Essential tremor.

Life Sciences / MedTech

Cambridge Phenotyping

Cambridge Phenotyping, a Cambridge University spinoff startup, is dedicated to transforming pre-clinical and basic science research on cognition and behavior in humans and rodents. The company's game-changing AI-powered technologies are not only free from human bias but also uphold the highest standards of animal welfare, all at affordable costs.

AeroSpace / Defence


WeSky develops In-Seat power systems that allow airlines to provide enhanced In-flight experiences and operating efficiency through lowering fuel consumption. The company holds EASA Part 21J Design Organisation Approval with in-house cabin avionics systems development, certification as well as their products integration design capabilities under EASA/FAA STC.

SaaS / IT / AI / Big Data


Amberlo is a cloud-based solution designed to empower legal professionals with efficient case management, client communication, and document handling. The company proudly serves over 4,000 satisfied users spanning across 70+ countries.

SaaS / IT / AI / Big Data


Repsense is a fast-growing data company that imitates user journeys and predicts the reactions toward the content found on the search results page. Repsense Index helps clients to quickly assess their reputation and compare with competitors across different geographies and user intents. The company is led by a team of brilliant data scientists, seasoned reputation specialists, and growth business pros.



Rubedos cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the courier freight cross-docking industry. Leveraging its deep expertise in software engineering for medical devices, Rubedos translated its medical NPD experience into an innovative approach that combines self-driving forklifts, advanced computer vision and AI to streamline the cross-docking process and provide real-time intelligence to customers.

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