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Investing in startups alongside business angels and other VCs

Aiming to fill startup funding market gaps, build & strengthen the business angel community,
by co-investing in promising startup companies, that bring value to Lithuania,
and sharing portfolio exit premiums with accredited private investors

EUR 25,5m

AUM Assets Under Management

EUR 13,8m

Dry Powder Available to Invest


Accredited Co-Investors

EUR 10,2m

Private co-investment with the Fund


Portfolio companies

Support Group

Investment Thesis

We are sector and stage agnostic evergreen VC fund with EUR 25,5 million under management and EUR 14,2 million dry powder, available for investments.


We always co-invest with business angels and/or other investors or venture capital funds. Our typical deal structure involves co-investing with at least 3 accredited business angels, that enjoy profit sharing scheme in case of a successful exit. We also co-invest on a pari-pasu basis with other investors, i.e. at equal terms.

While we would look at startups from all sectors, our primary focus is on the sectors of strategic importance to Lithuania:

- GreenTech, ClimateTech, EnergyTech

- Life Sciences & MedTech

- DeepTech, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

- Space, Aviation & Other Transport solutions 

- Defense, Deterance & Dual-Use

Fully funded with public money from the Republic of Lithuania & European Union, we manage our funds according to the best VC industry practices within our mandate terms and aims. 

Being an evergreen VC fund, we have patient capital and can make business-driven decisions, without time pressure to invest or exit. This makes us well-positioned to invest in R&D-intensive startups with longer time horizons.

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