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At present the Fund’s List of the Investors features more than 150 business angels and venture/private capital funds. However, only those investors are made public who have given their consent. If you want the Fund to share the presentation of your idea with all investors on the Fund's list, please contact


Aleksej Dutkevič
IT, Fintech, Insurtech, Alttech, Pharmacy, Production
Andrius Dapkevičius
E-Commerce, Cyber security, IT
Apmark, SIA
IT, cybertech, regtech, fintech
Egidijus Gaidamavičius
IT, new technologies
Era capital, UAB
AI, Fintech, Insurtech, Edtech, Software SaaS, chared economy solutions
Irmantas Šerys
Fintech, E-commerce, Marketing/Advertising/Media Tech, AI
Justas Dobiliauskas
IT, other tech
IT, Software products
Mantas Mockevičius
IT, Fintech, Real Estate
Martynas Nikolajevas
SaaS, Marketplace, B2B, ML/AI
Mindaugas Rasimavičius
Life Science, Online Commerce, Services to Users, Energy, Financial services
Mindaugas Žičkevičius
Fintech, Cyber Security, Advertising and Media Tech, Marketplaces, E-Commerce
Modestas Plakys
Wealthtech, Fintech, Biotech
Nerijus Kalinauskas
New marketing tools
Rimantas Žylius
Energy, Robotics
Rokas Ralys
Biotech, IT, robotics
Tomas Balžekas
Media, Cinema, E-medicine, Advertising, Books
Tomas Malinauskas
Saas, B2B, B2C
Tomas Žalandauskas
AI, optronika, RF
UAB AmberCell Investment
Medical equipment and services, AI and IT solutions in healthcare
UAB Ioco
Real estate
Vikonda grupė
Vilniaus universiteto fondas
R&D&I, Vilnius University related start-ups (ALUMNI, students, etc.)
Vladas Jurkevičius
IT, Crypto, Games
Žilvinas Kybartas
IT,AI, SaaS, B2B, Fintech, RegTech, BigData

Capital Funds

The Fund’s decision to approve an investor does not constitute the Fund’s recommendation for companies that are looking for the investors
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